It was a good night

I had the best day of the year so far tonight. I decided to head farther up river than normal to look for better fishing tonight and Z-man joined me. I heard a loud noise coming through the woods making terrible racket and knocking over branches. I thought it was a bear. It turned out to be Wally.

The Ephorons did come out in snowstorm proportions tonight. It was an old school blizzard. I think Dirk is right though that the hatch is getting later in the evening. Most of the ephorons were after dark. They were so thick that I couldn't see through them when I turned on my light to change flies. I had bugs in my eyes, down my waders, under my shirt etc. There is currently a hatch going on in my van were I keep my waders.

I got about 30 fish tonight with 3 around 16" and numerous between 10-14. Z-man and Wally did pretty well but the fish didn't seem to get going in their spot until a little later. My secret tonight was to fish a hex early, change to a white Wulff before dark and back to a hex after dark.

It was a good night


It's getting a little better each day

I fished today on the lower river at one of my secret spots. The fishing was pretty good during the pre hatch with most fish caught on a magic Z. I was happy to run into Jeff Shaefer, Mike and Wally.

The hex really got going tonight. Last night they only lasted for about 15 minutes with no hex sighted on the water. Today the hex were in flight for at least 45 minutes and flying closer to the water and I even noticed some hex floating spent down the river. Ephorons are also getting heavier.

I got about 20 fish total. 10 during the prehatch and maybe 10 during the hatch. No big fish although I did have a few big rises. Most of the other guys out there did about the same. Wally hooked one monster.

It's getting a little better each day.


Mulberry hatch - Carp time

Went out today for the first time this year looking for Mulberries on the water and feeding carp. I ran into Dave Hellman looking for the same thing and we were both right. It's mulberry time.

This was my first fish. Just about 6 pounds.

Dave got a much bigger fish. I put the Boga Grip on him and he measured 14 pounds. John Zolan and I were both in the river with Dave and followed him downstream about 75 yards as Dave fought the fish. He had to chase him to avoid getting wrapped around the log jams. The fish got into the backing about 50 feet. This was a real learning experience for me because I had never seen a large fish fought on a bamboo rod. Dave masterfully brought the fish in occasionally fighting him with the rod upside down in order to avoid putting a set in the rod. This was proof to me that bamboo is very tough and can easily stand up to the strongest fish in fresh water.

Dave's fish was caught on a glow bug fly colored purple with a marker. I use a mulberry fly tied with purple deer hair and a stem of green rubber leg material.

There is nothing more exciting than watching a carp come up and take a dry fly off the surface.

Thanks Dave for letting me jump in and fish your hole. Hopefully John got some fish after we left.


Bell Road

I fished Bell Road today with John Z. Fishing was very slow. Each of us landed only a few dinks except for a 15 inch Largemouth caught by John.

We decided to switch it up and headed for a secret spot. (I am sworn to secrecy about this spot but it is about 20-30 river miles downstream from Bell road). Fishing was much better. John caught 5-6, I caught about 10 including a few good fish. We were both using Gartside Streamers.

The strangest thing of the day was a Jet Skier was cruising up the river and scared the S%!T out of me and caused me to lose a large fish. I have never seen a Jet Ski in the Huron before and I have no idea where he launched from. Very strange.

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